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Discover the life in the village

The village of Mombaruzzo is the ideal place to experience the "real Italian life". Shopping in the local shops is a special experience, as people are very open and talkative here, so do expect to end up in a good frienly chat with the locals. If you buy your food or drink a coffee in the village, you also contribute to a sustainable tourism, creating new jobs for the people here.

Anything you need for the daily life

  • Small food store next to the Palazzo ("delicious" Linguine, Bresaola etc. for your Aperitivo, local honey, and always a good place for a nice chat)
  • Butcher on the central squrae of the village ("he will allways give something to your children")
  • Food store on the at central square
  • Pharmacy on the central square (very competent, also homeopathic medecine)
  • Tabaccheria on the central square (your local corner store) for plenty of things (adaptors, phone cards etc.)
  • Post office on the central square
  • Bank CR Asti open every morning with ATM/cash machine

A sweet temptation....

The Amaretti taste excellent in all four bakeries, though each recipe is slightly different.

We do recommend the visit of the bakery Moriondo Carlo, the most ancient producer of Amaretti in Mombaruzzo. If you get there before 9 o'clock in the morning you can ask to see the production, taste Amarettis straight out of the oven and you might contribute to the wrapping (by hand) of these delicious temptations.

Coffee and Capuccino you can enjoy in any of the local bars. We can recommend the Bar sociale (100% Italian) or the more trendy terazza at the bakery Moriondo Carlo. Here you might also taste the real Italian Ice cream...

Good food - Good life

  • At lunch time you can eat delicious food prepared by the grand mother at Trattoria da Ermine in Mombaruzzo Stazione. The outside of the buidling dating from the 1960s might be shocking, but well hidden inside you find a nice dining room with a direct view into the kitchen. Please make sure you arrive between 12.15 and 12.30 to find a table and enjoy the delicious food prepared by the Mamma.
  • A very good recommendation is the Ristorante La Marera. Small menu with delicious regional dishes and an excellent choice of wines. The best place to eat in the village and one of the best restaurants in the region.
  • If you want to enjoy a Pizza, visit the local Pizzeria. All the pizzas are homemade, while other dishes are not necessarily.

Good wine

The wines are as tasty as the region is nice. The most famous DOC and DOCG wines include:
- red: Barbera and Barbera superiore, Dolcetto, Freisa
- white: Cortese and some Chardonnay
- sparkling: Moscato, Spumante Asti, Chardonnay, Brachetto.
Most wines are produced from a single grapevine and you will find special and limited editions especially with smaller wine producers.

You can taste and buy wine in many places, e.g. at local enotecas. Try some of the following locations: Acqui Terme or Nizza Monferrato, at the Cantina Sociale in Mombaruzzo, Fontanile and many other places, or directly from local wine producers e.g. Picco Macario and Cascina Basalone in Mombaruzzo and of course you can taste wines in any Restaurant..

Mombaruzzo is also the home of a famous Grappa producer, Distilleria Berta.

As a guest of Villa Pesce you will enjoy wine tastings from local producers on a regular basis. You can find the tasting times written at the entry of the house.